The Cuban Crisis

POSTED: 10 June 2011

The Cuban Crisis

Cuba’s 5-0 loss to Costa Rica makes me glad I’m not a pro football player. With all respect to those lads, if I suffer a massive loss in a game with just my mates, it means maybe I pay for a few rounds of drinks (or more, if Louis is with us) at the pub. A bad loss in pro football means bad press, criticism, maybe even the death of careers – all in front of the public.

I reckon that Cuba would want redemption in their next match. But that plan has more than a few problems.


One, except for that win against Canada in 2003, Cuba have never won a CONCACAF game. Two, their next opponents are Mexico, proudly carrying a recent 5-win streak. Three, Mexico recently handed El Salvador a 5-0 loss (a pain familiar to Cuba), confirming that they can, indeed, clean the floor with their opponent.

I’d like to say that Cuba have a chance for redemption through this next fixture. But honestly, except for that tiny margin of error for a miracle, I cannot imagine that happening. Unless they fix what keeps them from winning almost every match in the competition, they’re right set for another loss.

Verdict: Mexico to win