Open Teams

POSTED: 26 August 2011

Open Teams

I said I wouldn’t give you tips on major leagues. I need at least 5 rounds to build my system you know. But the OU market doesn’t count, especially since you have a nice chance this week.

Hamburger and Koln are both “open” teams. When I say open, i’m referring to teams who do not focus on defense even when they play stronger teams. They always expect and rely on scoring more to achieve victory. Let’s have a look at the last 3 tiffs between these two shall we. Hamburg won the last one at home 6-2 while Koln also took a home win at 3-2. The other match ended with a 3-3 draw.

Both teams haven’t gotten a win so far this season. Hamburger lost 1-3 to Dortmund in the first round and after a 2-2 draw with Berlin, they lost 0-5 to Bayern Munich. Koln is pretty much performing the same way, garnering only a single point so far and conceding a total of 9 goals already.

My Pick: Over 3