Wait awhile, Wigan...

POSTED: 18 November 2011

Wait a while, Wigan...

A few weeks ago I asked if Wolverhampton or Wigan were in greater danger of relegation and like I predicted the Wolves would pull away. They’re now at 13th.

For Wigan, no improvement: they’re still at 20th, the poor sods. Loads of chances for them to change their luck though, and the next one is a match against Blackburn.

I wish Wigan had a better chance as the home team but just like before their home record is ghastly and uninspiring. Three straight defeats. Wow.

As for Blackburn, its 1 loss and 2 recent stalemates on the road; not great but bloody better than Wigan.


I feel bad enough for Wigan that I’d like to inspire you to side with them but that would be robbing you of your cash. It would be like spending money to buy Louis a pint of orange juice; a shameful waste of hard-earned quid for anyone.

Here’s hopefully to Wigan pulling away from the muck-filled part of the EPL table; for now though I don’t see it happening. Sorry boys, maybe next time.

Verdict: Away win