Tough Task Ahead for Chelsea

POSTED: 23 December 2010

 Tough task ahead for Chelsea

Imagine what Chelsea would be without Drogba. If Abramovich refuses to extend his contract, I think he would leave the club after the 18th month. But Chelsea doesn’t seem to be on top of things with this. Maybe Chelsea thinks that since Drogba is almost 34, his body won’t be able to keep up with the demands of the EPL after around a couple of years. I also overheard that one of Abramovich’s assistants even hinted that Drogba isn’t in top form anymore.

The club has also been showing some strange signs.. Last round, the coach, Ancelotti left Drogba in the bench and only sent him in as a substitute. When he went in, the Ivory Coast forward even scored a crucial goal but, he actually missed a last minute penalty that could’ve won the game. What I found weird though was how he acted when he scored the goal. It was like he was taunting the club’s management hinting that he should’ve been sent in earlier or even started the match!

What’s worse, there is a group within the team that doesn’t like Drogba! He was speaking in French inside the locker room until someone actually reminded him that he was in an English Club and English was the official language there! A French group also began criticizing some other teammates! This only shows us all that the atmosphere in this club is not well at all.

Chelsea’s next opponent is Arsenal, a tough foe to play when they are at home. The Gunners have won 3 straight at home and I don’t think that Chelsea has any advantage over them. Arsenal vs Chelsea, my pick: Home win