Singing the Blues

POSTED: 29 December 2010

 Singing the Blues

Chelsea may have won their last game, but a 1-0 home win against Bolton can hardly be called convincing. In my opinion, there is one underlying reason why the Blues have been struggling this winter: Their players from Africa and South America just aren’t used to this friggin English winter!

Next up, they face a very poor Aston Villa side struggling under the mismanagement of Gerard Houllier. If you remember Houllier from his Liverpool days, he virtually destroyed all the flair players under him, playing with a very conservative counter attacking strategy. Concede a goal, and there was no way they would claw back against teams that sat back on their lead.

But this being said, against stronger teams, Houllier usually play with a virtual 10 men defence and rely on counter attacking with speedy forwards. With John Terry slower than a day old drunkard, and Ashely Cole as the only speed merchant in the Chelsea backline, Gabby Agbonlahor can exploit the slower Chelsea backline. The 1.5-2 goal handicap for the Villans look massive!!

Now it’s time for the customary New Year wishes to everyone, so let’s get over and done with it. Happy New Year! I’ve said it , so don’t get too drunk like our dear old Dr. Jamesons who looks at the world through his whiskey tinted glasses and uses the New Year as an excuse to legitimize his daily excesses.


Aston Villa +1.5-2 on the Asian Handicap