Magpies Will Fly

POSTED: 12 January 2011

 Magpies Will Fly

Turkey, Mince Pies, I had the lot. Put on so much weight I now look like a football! Which brings me on to my week’s selections.

Newcastle to beat Sunderland. Newcastle had a minor “blip” in the FA Cup and will bounce back, and these Derby matches you can throw the form book out of the window. The price is just too big not to have an interest. I might even go and sell Mr. Jameson’s whiskey collection to fund my bet, the drunken old fool would never know as he would probably think he has drank it.

Next selection, and staying with the Premiership, which incidentally is the best league in the world, Stoke City to draw. This match is probably going to have much life in it as an empty glass of Whiskey, going to be a boring low scoring, if any goals, match. Seen some nice prices available on this and have started to smash it, so get on quick before I take all the value.

Anyways, going to go and tell Mr Jameson that prohibition has been reintroduced and that the feds are looking for his stash, guy is so drunk I want to see him try and demolish all 9,234,231 bottles of whiskey he has in his office, drunken fool will probably do it so watch his tips! You have been warned!