Make Mine Chelsea

POSTED: 11 March 2011

Make Mine Chelsea

Chelsea threatens to reverse Man U. Frank Lampard said that after United lost 1-3 to Liverpool, “If we can win the rest of our matches, let’s see what will happen. Winning over Man U really helped us restore our confidence, though I know there are still far ahead. First we have to beat Blackpool, or everything I said would be meaningless.”

United were up by 12 points over Chelsea prior to the Blues’ game against Blackpool. Chelsea gained three points after winning 3-1 over the Seasiders to cut United’s lead down to 9. England Media believe that 80 points will be enough to earn the Premiership and with 11 matches still lined up for Chelsea, they could still get at least 81 points in total. However, Man City (with 50 points) and Tottenham (with 47 points) also have high hopes of claiming the title.

It’s a really big challenge for the Blues as they have to beat the Red Devils again, and this time on the road, not to mention that they’d have to win 12 matches straight.

In the past 19 years of EPL history, reversion of a 12 point deficit has only occurred twice. In 1992-93, United reversed Newcastle while 1995-96 saw Arsenal turning the tables against Man U as the Gunners won 14 out of their last 16 matches and claiming the title by just a single point.

Chelsea are in the running only for the Champions League and the EPL, while United and Arsenal also have to deal with the FA Cup. What I can see is that Chelsea has found their confidence once again. Their next match is against Man City at home. This match is also crucial with a Champions League ticket up for grabs. I don’t think the Blues would want to miss this chance again.

My pick is a home win.