Reds for the Win

POSTED: 19 August 2011

Reds for the Win

Mad few weeks for England it’s been, with the riots and all. There are really no words to express how much I hope the cities can soon get back on their feet. Good thing that football is still alive and well there, that should help keep spirits up.

On to cheerier subjects. Must be heaven for Tottenham, finally having their first official game of the season. I can imagine how massively depressing it was for them, having their home opener cancelled. Good call, but come on mates, that was not the best of news.

Set for them is a match against Manchester U. No offense to the good people of Tottenham, but this will be a tough one that I think will not end well. The Reds have just come from a road victory against West Brom, a top-notch way to start their season.

Also, the history between these 2 clubs isn’t good for the Spurs. No wins against the Reds since 1996. That’s 24 games, chaps. Not all losses, there were 6 draws. Not much to count on there.

A dash of hope would have been there if Man U had suddenly become a joke of a team, but we all know that’s not true. Six straight wins, mates. Nothing to joke about.

My best wishes to Tottenham in their recovery, but this game is I believe another thing they’ll just have to endure.

Verdict: Home win