Deserving Di Matteo

Posted: 11 May 2012


WHEN Roberto Di Matteo was thrust to be the caretaker manager of Chelsea, sceptics thought he would just be another chap who will be axed by Roman Abramovich eventually.


Slowly but surely though, the Italian mentor turned the Blues’ fortune around, something that the sacked Andre Villas-Boas could not do during his stint which the Russian owner hoped would prove rosy for his club.

Chelsea recovered from those woeful days under Villas-Boas and that is mainly because of Di Matteo’s stewardship. He’s a revelation and is continuing to show everyone what he can do.


Gone are the days when internal rift hampered the team’s drive. Frustrations turned to smiles, smiles parlayed into good results and fast forward now, the Blues are the FA Cup champions!


The bright future this season does not stop there. The Blues may be out of it in the Premier League but there is still the Champions League trophy – the one Abramovich covets the most – waiting to be lifted.

Winning the FA Cup – never mind if they say it was merely one of the ``crumbs’’ – surely lifted the spirits of the Blues to the highest as they prepare to battle Bayern Munich for Europe’s Holy Grail on May 19.

Their 2-1 shellacking of the disgraced Liverpool – yes, this once mighty club can’t even win this consolation prize – should put them in good stead in their clash with the Germans who are brimming with hope that they will be able to lift the CL trophy in their home soil.

Abramovich does not hide the fact that it is the CL diadem that he wants to display in his trophy cabinet, but he should not make this his final test to finally give the permanent job as Chelsea manager to Di Matteo.

The FA success did not only strengthen Di Matteo’s chance to get the coach’s job full time. Right at that juncture, Abramovich should consider it the final stamp on his appointment as the permanent one.


Di Matteo has nothing else to prove to the Russian to get his final nod. What the former has done to the once-struggling Blues is a great achievement enough.

It is for sure that Di Matteo will get his players’ 100-percent support if their say is considered in his selection.

Obviously, Di Matteo has done very well for Chelsea in the league and all competitions, and if he goes on to win the CL, he’s all but bagged the post for good.

But we admire the Italian for not thinking about his situation at the moment. Team first before himself is what he’s showing so as not to distract the team in their quest to get one more final mission accomplished.

There are those who claim that Di Matteo’s future at Chelsea remains uncertain because the club’s executives insist they need to decide regarding the post until the end of the season. Baloney! He has proven his worth and should be given the proper reward.

The dramatic transformation the Blues underwent is enough not to overlook him for the position. In so short a time, Di Matteo has made an impact that is all for the good of the outfit.


Di Matteo has proven that he cares and he showed that passion during team meetings and trainings especially when things seem not to be working. We also praise him for superbly rotating his men during fixtures, also a huge factor why they have been so competitive despite their gruelling schedule.

He also associates well with fans, and combined all those good vibes, he surely deserves tons of credit.

Just one look at where Chelsea is now compared to the dark days they suffered under Villas-Boas is one major consideration enough for him to be the boss at Stamford Bridge.

Win or lose in the CL, Abramovich should appoint Di Matteo as Chelsea’s official manager.

As for Liverpool, they’ll be better off -- even if they can still manage to fight for the ``crumbs’’ -- next season minus Kenny Dalglish as bench tactician.