Chances Everywhere

POSTED: 08 August 2011

Chances Everywhere

A lot of players like betting on leagues with High Level of Competition. Obviously because such matches are more exciting with the display of skill and knowledge of the game. However, in terms of betting, punters would get better chances in matches of low level competition. After all, the money you win is the same no matter what league you bet on.

Livingston was in Scotland division 2 last season but they’ve been playing really well recently. Since February 26, 2011, they have not lost a single match in their last twenty; 15 wins and 5 draws including friendlies and Cup Matches. You should know as well, that in 4 pre-season friendlies, Livingston’s opponents were all Premier teams, and they still managed 2 wins and 2 draws.

Livingston’s next opponent is Queen of south in division 1. The last 13 matches between these two saw the home team losing only once. This time, Livingston will be playing hosts once again.

My pick: Livingston Win