The Sinking Ship that is Liverpool

POSTED: 30 September 2011

The Sinking Ship that is Liverpool

Before the season started, I knew that Liverpool would become ambitious. They even set their sights on being crowned EPL Champions this year. But I think that their recent loss slapped them hard in the face and finally opened their eyes to reality.

I’m convinced that the Reds have haven’t the slightest idea how to play well on the road, a habit since last season; a habit they can’t seem to break. If you tell me that a 0-1 loss to Stoke City is an accident, what are you going to tell me about losing 0-4 to Tottenham.? Disastrous.

Liverpool will face Everton on the road in their next match. Last season, the Reds lost 0-2 to Everton on the road and only got a disappointing draw at home.

I don’t think Liverpool will pull off a win here, especially since they’re playing on the road again.

My Pick: Home -0