Cracks in the City Concrete

POSTED: 4 April 2012

Cracks in the City Concrete

Seems Roberto Mancini’s men are fighting for their lives. Alright I’m exaggerating but if I were in their place and losing this next match means losing the EPL title that was almost mine, the feeling would be similar.

This match against Arsenal is a do or die for City. Doesn’t matter that they were at number 1 for most of the season, if they can’t finish it at number 1. If they lose this one, Man U will pull away from a 5 point lead to 8 in no time. And for City it’s bye bye league title, so close yet so far!

Not looking good for the runners-up, who are underwhelming on the road. Two wins, 1 draw, 3 losses in 6 away matches. This, against Arsenal’s 5 wins and 1 loss at home? I don’t think so mates.

The Gunners have been stellar so far and I reckon they’ve got a good chance of driving City to the ground. Not a fight for second, this one, which means no pressure for Arsenal. And who wants pressure?

Still not completely counting out City but this not gonna be easy for them to say the least. Arsene Wenger’s men will defend their home like they’ve done spectacularly. And if I were to pick one, and I will, my money would be on Arsenal.

Sorry City. Maybe next year. And by the way as a side note, it seems money can’t buy titles after all.

Verdict: Arsenal win