Blues to Get Gunned Down

POSTED: 19 April 2012

Blues to Get Gunned Down

So Arsenal are Wigan’s latest victims. I admit when the Latics beat Liverpool I thought that was a new low for the Reds but apparently Wigan have been on a roll, killing teams like Man U. Arsenal were just the next one to get in their way.

Luckily for the Gunners they’re still steady at 3rd, and the Wigan thing could just be one of those nightmares for everyone to forget.

Next up for Arsenal are the supposedly “new” Chelsea. I tell you, this won’t be an easy one for the Blues, coming off a match against Barcelona in the Champions League.

No offense to Di Matteo but this regenerated team might not be as tough as they might think, at least for this match. No club comes away from a match with Barca fresh and ready to take on the next one.

If not that there’s also the fact that Chelsea are still a humiliation on the road, with 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses in 5 matches. This against Arsenal’s 4 wins and 1 loss? Don’t think so mate.

Chelsea have some serious opponents waiting for them and trust me when I say they’re not good enough to take a win from Barca AND Arsenal. And whether or not they win against the Catalans, the beating they will get will take the wind out of them and Arsenal will sail past them.

Verdict: Home win