The Anger Drives

POSTED: 2 February 2011

 The Anger Drives

The Juventus boss is furious. Last Thursday, Juventus lost 0-2 to AS Roman, knocking them out of the Italian Cup. The only hint of glory they can still have is a ticket to next year’s Champion’s League. New Chairman, new manager, new players – Juventus gave hope to the fans at the beginning of the season but have left them in disappointment.

Many of the Italian media said that the Club’s choices in the transfer market were wrong. Quagliarella and Bonucci may have added strength to the team, but Manager Giuseppe Marotta was unable to deliver much to the club. Martinez and Pepe are just wasted in this club. January could’ve been a good time to reconstruct, but Juventus didn’t capitalise.

After losing to Roma, Del Piero also pointed out that it was time for self-examination. Last Saturday, President Andrea Agnelli said right before the game against Udinese, “I am not satisfied. Being knocked out of two cups is ridiculous! I understand the anger of our fans. Our players’ payroll ranked sixth in Europe (130 Million), and 40 million in transefers. It’s like filling up a gasoline tank with diesel – no chemical reaction. It just did not work. Anyway, the Champions League is the only target left for us, so we’ll aim for that.

At present, Juventus is 7th in the Serie A, only 3 points behind 4th placed Inter Milan. Juventus will play Cagliari next, and they know that there is no time to waste. The boss is fuming in anger. They must deliver.

My pick is an away win by Juventus