The Bitter Taste

POSTED: 2 February 2011

The Bitter Taste

Frankfurt's recent memory of Freiburg leaves a taste that I'm sure doesn't go down easy.

After nearly 89 minutes of attempts that suggested stalemate, visiting Freiburg crashed through the Frankfurt goal, stealing a 1-point win. Frankfurt was left with nothing but a telling reminder that it only takes a few seconds to determine a 90-minute game.

The two sides meet again this weekend. Frankfurt will be out for blood and redemption. I say, they're going to need more than a desire to save face to steal this one.

Despite Frankfurt's 2-1 head-to-head win record against Freiburg, the former's recent six-game record shows a depressing three-loss string yet to be broken. Freiburg is currently with a last-game win after a two-win and three-draw streak.

Freiburg is poised ready to break through the top five; Frankfurt sits unmoved at 9th place.

Unless Frankfurt walks onto the Badenova-Stadion this Sunday armed with regenerated aggressiveness and skill, they might as well anticipate another loss to Freiburg.

Verdict: Home win