Clash of the Rivals

POSTED: 8 February 2011

 Clash of the Rivals

Rarely am I caught without much to say about a match, regardless of what other... lesser... experts have to say (nudge nudge, point to the people my left), but then the upcoming match between Juventus and Inter Milan on the 14th doesn’t really leave a guy much to say.

It’s a grudge match, a white-knuckled throwdown, a rumble between two long-time rivals that will definitely sell seats, rain bets, and draw out a good deal of trash-talking from the fans of both sides.

For those of you who wait with baited breath for my wisdom, however, wait no more, here it is: the numbers are pointing to the success of visiting Inter Milan, currently third, with a more impressive overall record, winning 4 of its last 5 matches (including a Coppa Italia win). Eighth-placed Juventus, on the other hand, are looking less impressive with only one recent win, three consecutive losses (including Coppa), and a draw.

Inter Milan also dominates in an eight game head-to-head comparison, with a 4-2-2 record against Juventus. Now if that doesn’t tell you which team your money should be backing, well, you DEFINITELY are missing out on a whole lot, my friend. Read my punts more often, we’ll fix that.

Verdict: Away win