The Fight to Survive

POSTED: 20 May 2011

The Fight to Survive

The last show of the German Bundesliga was performed exactly as my script was written. Let’s have a go at England this week.

It will be the last round of the EPL. Among Blackburn, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Blackpool, and Wigan, 2 will be playing in the Championship next season.


I like England Football because teams play for their honour and they play to win. Especially if you compare them to the Italians whose football is as dirty as their politics. So a win for Blackpool in Old Trafford is next to impossible. Birmingham and Wigan will play on the road against Tottenham and Stoke City respectively. I think both can earn at least a single point. Wolverhampton on the other hand, will be hosting Blackburn. A draw could drag both of them to the Championship, but with Wolves playing at home, they should utilize the advantage.

My picks: Man U and Wolverhampton to win.