What Brazil is Worth

POSTED: 30 June 2011

What Brazil is Worth

This is an interesting (if not awkward) Copa America competition for Brazil. After snatching the cup from Argentina twice, they find themselves racing towards another title in a competition with Argentina as the host. I sincerely hope the two sides meet at the Final; apparently an Argentine win is heavily favoured. I’m excited to see what Brazil has to say about that.

I think, however, that despite Argentina’s hosting the Copa America, everything else beyond team strategy and the dream of victory is trivial to Brazil – as how it should be for any team worth respect.


Venezuela is up next for Brazil, and this should be easier than people might be expecting it to be. So far, the Brazilians have taken every Copa America match thrown their way, giving them a 5-win streak. Which is more than I can say for Venezuela who, despite having only 1 recent loss in their last 5 Copa America appearances, also hold only 1 victory.

With confidence, I say this is a safe and sure bet: Brazil to defeat Venezuela for everything they’ve got.