History Talks

POSTED: 8 July 2011

History Talks

Don’t listen to these so-called experts beside me, these guys, they just put too much trust in teams like Argentina and Brazil. But when you really think about it, nothing is impossible in football. Sometimes historical data proves to be more credible than just siding with the “stronger” team.

Let me show you some real data. Since 2003, the last 22 matches between Jaro and TPS Turku saw only a single match without a goal, 3 matches ending with only 1 goal, and the rest of the 18 matches all ended with at least 2 goals. The last 4 tiffs actually resulted with a minimum of 3 goals each.

If you really think about it though, Jaro’s football – it’s just insane. After they lost 1-5 to Mypa, they took their next match against RoPS Rovaniemi with an 8-2 card. TPS Turku on the other hand, took a 0-6 beating at Helsinki last 22nd of June.

Over. Absolutely over. Trust the data.