Will, Skill and Silverware

POSTED: 08 August 2011

Will, Skill, and Silverware

I heard Beckham was prattling around, telling the press Manchester City could never unseat Man U as the dominant squad. Since Beckham remains as loyal to Man U as he is to Galaxy (as he himself said), I can take his words as those of an actual United squad member, bias and all.

As for Man City, losing Tevez would be a blow but the squad can adapt, and adjust; it’s a requirement for success in any sport. And from what I see, they’re more than prepared for the possibility of a Tevez exit.

Last season, they ended 9 points away – identical to 2nd placers Chelsea – from United. And they beat and then overtook their bitter rivals to eventually win the FA Cup.

If anything, City’s biggest issue might be about Mancini keeping the team focused despite the hype and noise about the Tevez issue. Then again, as I said, they’re more than set should Tevez leave; the hype and noise should prove no distractions.

In the end, for this match, it’s a battle for silverware. Man City must understand that the first goal is winning the Community Shield; defeating Man U is a gleaming bonus. The point is to play the way they are capable of playing.

Watch for it gents: for this one, I say Man City to put out the Devils’ fire.