No Mercy for Blackburn

POSTED: 25 November 2011

No Mercy for Blackburn

Blackburn had better take a good long look at themselves. Or maybe their numbers.

Two months left in the season’s first half and the poor blokes have 1 win. And if Wigan pull out a win somehow, Blackburn will find themselves at the bottom of the table. Don’t get me wrong, being 19th is nothing to be proud of but at least it’s not 20.

The way for them to go is to do it slow. Take it one match at a time, and they can maybe inch their way up and out of the drop zone. But no wins for them in their next match, I reckon.

They’re up against Stoke, who beat them the last 3 times. And what’s more, the match is in Stoke’s territory. I admit, no real threat there with Stoke losing their last 3 home games. It’s actually worse than Blackburn’s road form, with their 3 recent draws.

But Stoke destroyed Blackburn the last time they met at the Britannia and I doubt anything will change in their next meeting. And I reckon Stoke would want to move up from 14th. There will be no mercy for the visitors in this match.

It’s Stoke for me, and a sad pat on the back for Blackburn.

Verdict: Home win