The Battle of Manchester

POSTED: 25 April 2012

The Battle of Manchester

So I guess the EPL race isn’t over. On the contrary, it’s about to get exciting!!!

Three points between Man City and Man U, and this game could even it for Mancini’s men. As far as points are concerned, that is. Factor in goal difference, and a City win here would mean Man U could think about saying goodbye to the Premier League title.

But to be honest, City shouldn’t be as confident as I reckon they are, because the Red Devils won’t let go of their lead just like that. Forget their 1-6 fiasco early on. Man U beat City the last two times they were at the Etihad, and there is no reason why they won’t do it again.

Alex Ferguson shouldn’t be too confident too. Right now, City are a force not even Man U can deny. Three straight wins in the EPL, with 12 goals made and 1 conceded. Oh, and they are unbeaten at home. If that’s not deadly I don’t know what is.

In the end, it’s one powerhouse against another. No one can say which side has higher stakes in this match, but we all know each one is after the same prize. In the end, I see City pulling off a win, and challenging Fergie’s men for the Premier League silverware.

Verdict: Home win