Welcome Loius

Don’t worry about listening to the others. What do they know? If you listen to the Greek then you will end up like his country, broke and full of alcoholic dropouts! Instead listen to the only name in Football, from the home of football, ME! What do the others know? To the others on this panel concentrate on what your good at and play that crazy domino game and leave the real sport to me!

So what are my selections for the week? One of them would have to be Tottenham to beat Liverpool, real value at the current price and after the result against arch rivals Arsenal last weekend you have to follow them. Next selection would be Man City to be some silly team called Stoke. Who I hear from the terraces is Stoke, exactly, who are Stoke! Have you seen the price on Man City, it’s a max bet all the way.

So to the rest of the panel, give up and go home, admit to the whole world that you cannot beat Louis McDonald. And as for you my drunk Greek friend, stick to what you invented all those years ago and stop trying to be something you’re not, an expert!