Totti’s Jeer

POSTED: 12 January 2011

Totti’s Jeer

In the last round of the Serie A, Rome suffered a pitiful 1-2 loss to Sampdoria. 83 minutes into the game, Sampdoria was able to net one in by the fault of Rome’s defender Juan. The match went in favour of Sampdoria. It wasn’t until the 91st minute that Ranieri made a substitution and sent in Totti. With the loss already dealt, Totti, Prince of Rome, jeered their coach, “He completely doesn’t know how to command beside the field.”

Totti said after the match that he questioned Ranieri before the substitution was made saying “Send me in? Now?” Ranieri explained, “I told Totti at that time, that we needed him to perform miracles.” Totti could only complain to the media, “need miracles? He only gave me 2 minutes!” Obviously, the veteran forward was mouthing off his coach who he claimed did not know how to make the right calls for the team.

Actually, this isn’t the first time Totti erupted against Ranieri. The King of Wolves was not satisfied to stay on the bench last season. However, he isn’t as young as he used to be and his performance level has dropped even from the beginning of the season. He still thinks he is the soul of Rome. After a few rounds in this season, he finally seemed to get in good terms with Ranieri but their “honeymoon” only lasted a couple of months which even included a two week winter break. For this round, Rome lost and Totti played garbage time only taking him to his boiling point once again.

For Totti’s words, Ranieri never responded. In line with the issue though, Club officials came out to clarify that there is no problem brewing between the Totti and Ranieri. He is just joking. We all know what’s behind it.

Rome’s next match will be against Cesena who garnered 7 points in the last 3 rounds. With everything that’s been going on, my pick is Cesena +0.5.