AC Milan in Trouble

POSTED: 27 January 2011

 AC Milan in Trouble

Don’t ask me how I get so much inside information. I am a football guru. My disciples are scattered across the globe. I know everything there is to know in the football world. Whether it’s about a coach getting fired or a player breaking up with his girlfriend, I will always know these events. Nothing can be kept from me.

This week, I will tell you that AC Milan, they’re in trouble. Last week, Milan’s coach Allegri made a move of sending Thiago da Silva to midfield to defend. Even he can’t come up with a complete form in midfield. Worse than that, Nesta suffered an injury in no more than 23 minutes! Despite these though, fortunately for us all, AC Milan still held on to win and runner-up Inter took a loss.

Let me count for you. Flamini, Boateng, and Pirlo are all injured. But what do you know, Gatusso and Seedorf joined the group. The doctors said Gatusso needs at least 3 weeks while Seedorf requires 4 for both of these players to get back on the pitch. With these players out, who would Milan field in to play? Allegri has no choice but to play the youngsters of his team. I must say, I haven’t seen this kind of situation happen to Milan in the last 10 years!

I also know that AC Milan’s Management are flying to Munich to Negotiate for Van Bommel’s transfer. I don’t think he’d be much help for Milan at the moment though.

AC Milan’s next match is an away game. They play Catania who has been performing poorly as of late. But at home, that club is tough with 5 wins, 4 draws, and only 2 losses. My pick is Catania +0.5.