Juventus in Must-Win Situation

POSTED: 25 February 2011

 Juventus in Must-Win Situation

Juventus manager Luigi Neri is under immense pressure right now. I overheard that club management gave orders to Neri that he must deliver the club into the top 4 and grab a ticket into the Champions League otherwise, he will be forced to leave.

To be honest, Juventus is one of my favourite teams. Currently, they are 6th in the table, with 7 points between them and 4th place Lazio. The deficit should have been just 4 points, but they were beaten by Lecce last Sunday while Lazio won 1-0 over Bari to gain 3 more points. Buffon received a Red Card and will be suspended for the next match. Come to think of it, Juventus should have been more wary of what Lecce could do as they already defended their home field against league giants AC Milan and Inter Milan.

Their next opponent is Bologna. There are no excuses for them anymore. They must win. The last 10 matches between these two teams has seen Juventus emerge victorious 8 times with the matches resulting in a draw twice. I can’t remember the last time Juventus actually lost to Bologna. I couldn’t trace it in the last decade.

My pick is a Juventus win over 1.5.