Newcastle vs Liverpool

Posted : 9 December 2010

Newcastle vs Liverpool

6 Dec 2010 – The EPL witnessed an incident that has not happened in the last 15 years. A coach was fired so late in the season – after the 15th round! But I wasn’t surprised to see that It was Newcastle who made it happen ‘cause in the last three years, Newcastle Boss Mike Ashley had already fired six coaches!

After firing Hughton, the fans of the Magpies were left in anger and disgust. 96.6% of the fans actually think the move was ridiculous! “Do you know how painful it is to support a club whose boss is a total idiot?”, jeered one of the Fans. Almost everyone thinks this is a stupid decision!

But do you know why everyone can’t seem to accept it? I’ll give you two good reasons: First of all, Hughton is a good guy. Second, as a coach, what he gave to the team was good enough. He worked hard for Newcastle for more than 25 years! Even the players think it was unfair and stupid. “We like Hughton, we respect him.”, “Is today April Fool’s Day?” players complained. I have to say he did lose some matches that he shouldn’t have lost, but he also impressed and won some big games against big teams which was quite hard to do. Take for instance a 5-1 win against Sunderland and not to mention getting the better of Arsenal on the road and conquering Stamford Bridge.

At this point, I don’t think Newcastle can achieve anything without support, especially in their next match when they go against Liverpool. My pick – Away team wins.