Away Wilters

POSTED: 18 March 2011

Away Wilters

After beating Man U 3-1 in the EPL, Liverpool couldn’t keep the winning habit through the Europa League. The Reds lost 0-1 to Braga and still have not broken the cycle of being winless on the road in the Europa League.

If you look at the match statistics, you’ll know how terrible they performed! They only had 8 attempts with only 2 of those on target! The score would not have been 0-1 if it weren’t for that goal post! In the group stages, Liverpool only garnered 3 draws on the road, scoring only a single goal. Compare this to their strength at home, it just goes to show that they really don’t know how to play on the road. Those 3 draws were culminated by Hodgson’s departure from the club.

After Dalglish took over, the Reds recovered step by step but still play the role of away insects. Dalglish’s debut in the Europa League was against Prague Spartan and he wasn’t able to snatch the win. This time, they lost to Braga.

Come to think of it, they haven’t been performing any better in the EPL as well. Currently, they’ve played 14 away matches with the Reds recording only 3 wins that are overwhelmed by 2 draws and worse, 9 losses. They’re set to take on Sunderland next with the Black Cats currently 8th in the table. With the way Liverpool’s been playing, I don’t think they’ll be grabbing the win here.

My pick is Sunderland +0/0.5