£35-Million Man

POSTED: 8 April 2011

£35-Million Man

Currently, Liverpool could use a morale boost. Coming off a defeat from West Brom, and possibly without Gerrard for the rest of the season due to a groin injury recurrence, the Reds are desperate for inspiration.

Enter Andy Carroll, a man with a £35-million mission. Since officially replacing Torres, Anfield’s new number 9 has wanted to prove that he’s worth the massive tag price. But so far the only goal Carroll has made was for England, during a friendly match with Ghana who answered with a goal that ended the match in a draw.


But I suspect that that goal for England was all Carroll needs to come fully into form for Liverpool. In the Reds’ next game, they face Manchester City, currently at 3rd place. The numbers put the 6th-placed Anfield boys at a disadvantage: a 31-game EPL record has City with 16 wins and 7 losses; Liverpool have 13 wins and 12 losses.

The match will take place in the Reds’ home ground, and it’s the right time for Carroll to come out and revive Anfield. I believe that with Suarez already in peak form, Carroll is set to emerge in full force to realise the half of what Gerrard described as “the most feared strike force in the league.”

Don’t count Liverpool out quite yet. They may have more to prove than anyone could expect.

Verdict: Home win