Go Down and Collect for Germany

POSTED: 3 June 2011

Go Down and Collect for Germany

Let me start off by thanking Barcelona who gave us a fantastic end to a great season. They proved that skill is the essence of football; not body because this game is different from Rugby.

Don’t worry, we still have great soccer matches to watch this weekend when the European Championship qualifiers continue again. To add to this, I’ve found an almost sure win match – Austria vs Germany.


Germany won in all 5 group stage matches, sc oring a total of 17 goals, and conceding only a single goal. Now they’ll be playing Austria who have lost 4 consecutive matches this season. History also dictates that Austria is at a disadvantage after losing their last 5 matches against Germany. Germany is sure to win this one without difficulty.

To my surprise, Dafabet only gave a -1 handicap to Germany. Bet everything you have on it! It’s a sure win!

My pick: Germany -1