A Sunk Ship

POSTED: 14 July 2011

A Sunk Ship

Relegation is a nasty business, and I always feel a bit sorry for any team who has to go through it. Getting blown off to a lower division is never good news; it’s embarrassing, it’s degrading and it makes a bloke feel like all efforts were for nothing.

In the case of St. Pauli though, it’s harder for me to shed a tear for their relegation to 2.Bundesliga. I mean blimey, these “Pirates of the League” won 8 in 34 bleeping matches. Hardly anything tragic, their sinking into their watery fate, considering it was near bloody well expected, wasn’t it?


Their first 2.Bundesliga match since before their promotion last season sees them in their home field against Ingolstadt 04. This is also their first division match since their relegation (not including the club friendlies, which don’t count in my opinion).

There are 2 pieces of good news here: (1) they won their last 2 matches against Ingolstadt, and (2) they’re playing in the comfort of their home field. The bad news: (1) their home record is 2 wins (friendlies) in 7 matches, and (2) Ingolstadt have zero losses in their last 7 road games.

Maybe if I were a nicer bloke I’d put all my faith in St. Pauli for this one, combined with well wishes for this wounded squad, and an unfailing hope that they will prevail. Unfortunately I’m a sports punter; I don’t have to be nice, I just have to be honest.

And honestly, I have a feeling these Pirates still have a few riggings in knots; Ingolstadt will win this one.