Gunners Under Fire

POSTED: 26 August 2011

Gunners Under Fire

Bad luck never seems to leave Arsenal these few weeks. Players are either leaving or getting suspended. Arsenal fan or not, you have got to feel bad for Arsene Wenger; and with UEFA threatening him with a 2-match ban for the upcoming European games, the overall spirit of the entire squad is dragged through the mud even more.

And now Jack Wilshere is out for three weeks, after Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri have left.

It seems the team is starting to thin out in both morale and, apparently, midfield. Not the best of situations, especially with the upcoming 2nd leg qualifying match with Udinese.

And things don’t get easier after Udinese, with Manchester United waiting to meet them at Old Trafford.

The two sides’ history does not favour the Gunners, who have lost 7 games in 10 meetings with Man United. And as for the Red Devils, I reckon that after winning their first 2 EPL games, they will come in full armour in defence of their home ground.

And they have done very well so far, having lost at home only twice at home since December 2009.

Arsenal have a massively tall order on their hands, and I sense a growing desperation to win. But with their current form – 1 win in 5 road games – they had better prepare for a wicked battle as the heavy underdogs.

And unless they somehow find it in them to produce a massively unexpected upset, they had better hold on for the beating that might be heading their way.

Verdict: 2-0 Home win