Final Battle for Dortmund

POSTED: 19 April 2012

Final Battle for Dortmund

There are only 5 rounds left in the German Bundesliga, and Dortmund lead Bayern Munich by 8 points. If they can beat Monchengladbach this weekend, I can say the title belongs to them for sure because the rest of their opponents are so weak (Kaiserslautern, Freiburg…).

Monchengladbach is not easy to deal with. They are the biggest black horse this season. They beat both Bayern Munich and Schalke 04. The last 2 matches between them, Monchengladbach got 1 win and 1 draw.

For other side,Dafabet gives -1.5 handicap for Dortmund. I know Dortmund is very eager to win, but it will be a tight match. I would rather choose the underdog.

My pick Monchengladbach +1.5